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How To Work With The Raw Silk

How To Work With The Raw Silk

Can be cut and handle the whole fabric? In some cases, they can not be annoying and irritating.

You are done with the whole process of raw silk and then you can sew it with the best sewing machine for beginners reviewed at . At the beginners level, I do not recommend to use the two machines to the distraction.

Tips to work with raw silk

Today in this blog we are going to tell you how we can deal with the raw silk easily while sewing something.


Sewers think that the needles are going to create the holes in the fabric. When you are sewing with the raw silk then you can use the ballpoint needle as well. At the end of the needle it is also essential for the sewing with raw silk because it can slip easily through the fabric.

Although ballpoint needle is designed for the knit fabric this needle has the ability to push the fibers aside to make its way rather than making holes in the fabric and ruin it. It works with the knit fabric, in the same manner, it works with the raw silk.


It depends what kind of project are you from the raw silk. When you are working with the slipper or thin fabric, then you need to provide the proper fitting and stability to the fabric. This interfaces help in supporting the right place.

The interfacing below the slippery garment is always light-weight and iron on. Revealing and saving it from tearing. If you want something else then you can try adding interfacing to the garment.

Test Markings:

I always recommend to the project, make sure that things are working out the way you want them to. The only way to check is a rough patch of fabric and then try things on. When it comes to the marking then, of course, no matter how you are but you have to mark a few points.

Marking tools for sewing

With the help of stationary, you can mark different points on the fabric but the ink should be water soluble. It is still to the point where it comes to the silk, then sometimes it is quite hard to remove the marks of the stationary. On the rough patch. Use the best starter sewing machine to get the best results.


One of the tools to make the cut of the hair, to be sharpened and to work with the tool. It can make the cutting weak.

If the blades are not sharp enough to cut the raw silk then you will be able to see the revealing threads after sewing which can be another problem for you. Make sure your measurements are absolutely accurate and the tools like rotary cutter. On the table instead of pins.


No matter what kind of silk you are pressing, it always requires great care and handling. Before you start ironing any of the projects, do you need to have knowledge about which fabric can you take so much heat? It can be used to make the fibers weak. I always prefer to use the medium.

It's always important to make sure that the silk is not getting burned or just because of the heat. When it comes to the raw silk or smooth silk then pressing can be permanent and hard to fix.

Test Machine:

Now you are done with all the things that you need to be done before stitching Check the settings and tools. Start with the machine on the spot to get the perfect look for your work or not?

Your stitching machine should be to the mark when you are about to stitch the silk or any project. If you are looking for the right sewing machine match and need a complete ultimate guide then read Where To Buy The Best Basic Sewing Machine For Beginners And Home Use and get familiar with your sewing machine.


Some fabrics are delicate in nature and is one of them. No matter if you are sewing with the raw silk or some other fabric, the precautions need to be taken when you want to be clean and professional project. With the help of the above mentioned tips, you can have the control of the raw silk and you can use stabilizers to make the fabric.
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