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Covenant Orphanage Home | Advocating for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Uganda

Uganda our home is facing many socio-economic challenges with a huge chunk of its population living in subject poverty, majority of the youth are unemployed, people in rural communities live in chronic hunger and nearly a third of all children and chronically malnourished which unless addressed at an early stage often leaves them stunted and mentally impaired. Covenant Orphanage is committed to helping orphans, abused and vulnerable children and providing them with a safe home.

Covenant Orphanage has a very strong vision of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable orphans and children through the provision of education, home to live in and psychological support programs. We cooperate and collaborate with local authorities to offer a chance at life and a new start to orphans and other endangered children. We aim to give them good education, access to necessary health services and above all the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy in a safe, caring, warm and familiar environment. To sum this up we provide a home and advance the standards of living of the orphans and impoverished children in Uganda through our aligned services such as: advocacy, education, accommodation and provision of adequate health.

Specific Objectives

  • To uplift the quality of life of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) by creating a home environment.
  • To offer accommodation/home and provide the orphans and homeless children with shelter to make them have a sense of belonging.
  • To empower orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)'s of school going age by providing nutrition, educational and skill training.
  • To protect and promote the wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children by ensuring that their rights and that of caregivers are protected and fulfilled.
  • To contribute to health status of OVCs by providing nutrition and anti-retroviral access to prevent and curative health services.
  • To collaborate and network with other OVC organizations through exchanging ideas and in the best practices in caring for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To increase opportunities for OVC to access education and improve their physical, cognitive and psychosocial care and development.

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